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Something sparked an interest in researching your family’s past.  Perhaps it was a mention of an Indian Princess or an Old West horse thief.  It is important for the budding genealogist to understand that while some tales may be true, stories over generations are usually embellished to some extent…perhaps morphing into something blatantly misleading or wrong.  What this can ultimately lead to is a wild goose chase that wastes precious time, money and patience.

Fact or Fiction?

A good researcher will root out the facts first and populate the stories later.  This is where I can assist you – finding the cold hard facts about your family.  Genealogy is not a science but a study of family history and lineage.  This research may lead to a lot of information which must be pieced together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Before you begin your project, remember that stories should be filed after discovered facts.  The stories may fit eventually, but they are only a piece of the experience.