A Sampling of Customer Testimonials (2010-2023)

1.  Josh was extremely thorough and amazingly fast. He was able to trace my paternal line with a minimum of information that I provided.  He was able to find a wealth of information on my family and I highly recommend him for any project. His rates were extremely reasonable and I will use his services in any future genealogical research.

2.  Josh Jenkins has fulfilled my desire/interest in having my Family Tree researched…I have always wanted to do this, and having lost most of  my family at this point, and at the holiday season, it seemed to be the perfect time to find my ancestors & learn more of my families…Josh not only bid for my project immediately, but his enthusiasm & interest in this was stunning, to say the least…He also makes a very “personal” touch w/this project & I immediately chose him because of this..Ancesty.com should hold Josh as 1 of their best(if they don’t already!!)..Thank you!!!!,  Sally Porter

3.  I’m happy with what he accomplished and am looking forward to future transactions with Josh.

4.  Josh THE ANCESTOR STALKER…was great…He was quick, professional & thorough.

5.  I cannot believe how helpful you were, and how quickly the pieces of this puzzle came together! I can’t wait for you to help me on my next project, and will recommend you to some friend I know who are needing help as well!!!!!!!!!

6.  Did everything he promised at a very reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone.

7.  Josh came through for me again–once again he was very quickly able to come up with leads and confirm the parents of another one of my ancestors.

8.  The service was excellent-I would recommend it to anyone.

9.  Josh was great to work with–he was able to very quickly figure out who my ancestor’s parents were and knew exactly where to look for documentation that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own. He also responded very quickly to any questions that I had during the process.

10.  Fast return with multiple finds! I was very impressed with how quickly and thorough the research was conducted. Thanks!

11.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of Mr. Jenkins’ research project. He was thorough and seemed genuinely interested in the work.

12.  Did everything he promised at a very reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone.

13.  Very thorough and quick; excellent communicator.

14.  Still the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15.  Josh is an efficient and quick researcher who keeps you posted with details. I highly recommend him to anyone.

16.  Mr. Jenkins did a superb job on this project. It was intense and required focus on his part. He came through with flying colors. I can only rate his work at 10 stars out of a possible 5. Thanks Mr. Jenkins. I have other projects in the hopper and will definitely invite you to bid as these come forth. A resounding “Thanks again”!

17.  Josh did a fantastic job. Thank you so much!!

18.  I am totally pleased with Mr. Jenkins rapid response of obtaining my g-g-g grandfathers certificate of birth in England. He was very professional and expedient with this project. Well done Josh!

Rich Rowland

19.  …I appreciate the promptness in compiling this information. I would also like to solicit a proposal by Mr. Jenkins to perform the same sort of research for my mother’s parents and their extended families. Thank you.

20.  Great job. Was able to get exactly what I was expecting and even a little more. Very good communication throughout the process.

21.  Clear and concise – thanks!

22.  Excellent communication and thorough knowledge of how to find information requested. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to begin a family tree. Thanks Josh.

23.  This project was a continuation of my original request and I was very satisfied. Great job! I would highly recommend.

24.  Josh did a fantastic job on my tree. He pointed me in some great directions, and if I need any more help, I will definitely ask him.

25.  Will use again very soon.

26.  Josh did very fast and efficient work.

27.  Very thorough and quick – I am very satisfied.

28.  Was able to dig up some great information, much more than expected! Very pleased with level of communication and responsiveness.

29.  Josh replied quickly and came through on his promise quickly. Thanks.

30.  Josh is a true professional. He did a wonderful job researching my family history. The quality of his research far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone.

31.  Very thorough research & most helpful to my family history search.

32.  I was very impressed and astonished with the amount of info Josh was able to uncover.

33.  Truly stretches your money and beats the bushes for answers.  Highly recommend him.

34.  Josh Jenkins of Ancestor Stalker got the information I was looking for within 24 hours.  I am very pleased with the results.

35.  Brilliant, Josh was so helpful and thorough.

36.  I would most certainly use Josh again, he delved deep into my family tree and found some interesting information.  Thank- you Josh.  Kind regards. Jenny.

37.  Josh did a great, timely job and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I still can’t get over how quick and efficient he was!

38.  Thank you Josh for doing such an outstanding job for us. We were thrilled to receive the wonderful information you found. With the new extensions of our tree blooming like crazy we couldn’t be more thankful for your brilliant work. Thank you very much! Becky Jones & Daniella Woodard.

39.  Josh was extremely quick with his research and posting his findings. He kept in close communication throughout and was very helpful. I plan to use his services again in the future as I continue to look into my family’s history.

40.  This is the second project where I enlisted Josh’s expertise. I highly recommend him. He is fast, efficient and thorough. He keeps in contact with you as the project progresses. I would use his services again in the future.

41.  Keep up the good work!  You are a National Treasure!

42.  He uncovered an invaluable picture for me and information to get me well started on my way to discovering my ancestry.  You don’t know how excited I was to find your notes and look at the pictures.

43.  You are awesome.

44.  I was very pleased with the service.  Josh did a great job researching and keeping in constant communication with me so that I knew what was happening and where the project was heading.  I was very pleased to see that he was able to trace back as many generations as he did.  I felt as though I received a lot of valuable information for the cost and would recommend his services, as well as continue utilizing AncestorStalker again.

45.  Very good.  Happy with the service.

46.  Very pleased.

47.  Considering the difficulty of my search, I am quite satisfied with the results.

48.  …worked quickly and professionally.  It was such a wonderful experience!  Carol Lynn Scherling, Author of Blondie Goes to Hollywood.

49.  Josh was great – indeed, of all the genealogists I have used, he was the best.  I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again.

50.  Josh is very responsive & does good quality research, delivers what he promises on time.  I will definitely use AncestorStalker for any future “brick walls” that I need to try and get past.

51.  I was very happy with the work that Josh Jenkins put into my projects. He always communicated in a timely fashion and gave me a detailed report.

52.  …covered a lot of material in the time given to you. It was detailed and documented.

53.  Very quick and efficient service.

54.  I felt like he was sincere and was very attentive in communicating. The service was completed very quickly and covered well the requests.

55.  …helpful and professional…Requests for repeat information were handled immediately. A real professional!

56.  An amazingly good job.  Great value.  The best money I have ever spent on genealogical research!

57.  The research on my family history was completed faster than expected!

58.  …I felt like he was sincere and was very attentive in communicating.  The service was completed very quickly and covered well the requests.

59.  From initial contact to completion AS was understanding, helpful and professional, keeping me notified of progress and understanding the difficulty I was having with the move to another address.  Requests for repeat information were handled immediately.  A real professional!

60.  Very satisfied so far.

61.  Josh with AncestorStalker, was very prompt with providing an accurate estimate of the costs of preforming research for me. Not only was the price fair but in my opinion they went above and beyond to make me a happy customer. Emails were replied to in a timely manner and Josh kept in good communication regarding my project. I will absolutely be recommending AncestorStalker in the future to anyone who needs genealogical research fine, or even just general research at the Library of Congress. My experience was nothing but positive and I only wish I had found Josh at AncestorStalker sooner.

62.  “…thank you so much for that answer. it’s exactly what I needed”

63.  “Your work has been amazing and I definitely want to continue…”

64.  “Thanks, Josh, for your thoughts, guidance and amazing discoveries on this project.”


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