Package Plans Available


1.   Single Individual Researched/1 Parent – $600

2.   Single Individual Researched/Both Parents – $950

3.   Two Individuals Researched/1 Parent – $950

4.   Two Individuals Researched/Both Parents – $1500

5.   More Than Two Individuals – Contact for discount

Do You Require Locate or Add-On Services?
(Locate services include research for up to five hours; includes one
maternal OR paternal line search)

1.   Locate Service – $750

2.   Specialty DNA Projects – *Variable

Obtaining DNA Samples Via Irregular Means (Other than cheek swab)
Familial DNA Website Creation, Domain and Hosting Services

Note: costs vary depending upon project requirements; ordering of DNA kits cost not included; locate services not included.  For a comprehensive list of DNA options, contact us and we will be happy to discuss.



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