Investing in researching your family tree will be appreciated for generations to come.  The cost will vary, depending upon the type of research desired.  A general breakdown is as follows:

1)Offsite research – $65/hour (minimum 10 hours).  $75/hour (5-hour rate)

2)Onsite research – Varies.  For example, Maryland State Archives is $750 for full day, $450 for half day.  You may receive a discount if combining multiple repositories (i.e. $1350 for both Maryland State Archives and Maryland Center for History and Culture).

                                                              Maryland Hall of Records (AKA Maryland State Archives), Annapolis, Maryland

Documents produced are always in digital format, unless otherwise agreed to beforehand.  Onsite visits include all expenses.  Offsite research does not include document ordering, shipping & handling or other extras.  Current Terms and Conditions will elaborate on specifics.

How do you know how much you will invest?

You set that initially.  Most clients begin offsite research at $650 which is ten hours of allotted research.

Onsite visit cost is also determined ahead of the project starting.

While we stick to your budget, it is typical for AncestorStalker to go well beyond the allotted project time in an effort to get you the best result possible.

Your Family. Discovered.